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Program Management Oversight

CME’s approach to and understanding of a client’s needs is informed by our work for other agencies and will build our scope upon a collaborative relationship. CME uses our industry leading experience in implementing new technologies and setting project controls to provide greater visibility into projects in real-time.


CME tracks project and program budgets using Clarizen and other programs, such as eBuilder and Microsoft Project. A client dashboard is created so real-time information regarding each project can be accessed and easily understood by staff. The early warning signs of budget or schedule issues provided by these tools enable permit proactive mitigation measures at the earliest opportunity.

During construction, CME works with the Construction Manager (CM) to review the Construction Contractor’s Baseline Schedule to allocate CM manpower consistent with planned activities, ensuring that CM efforts are neither under- nor overstaffed. Starting each project with this activity sets a CM realistic budget and allows contract changes to be clearly tracked for potential labor and cost savings or contract amendments as needed.


CME has helped clients select cutting-edge tools to improve the efficiency of their construction projects and programs. Further, CME has led the implementation of numerous programs for bidding, inspection, and overall construction management. These programs include Headlight, Appia, Doc Express, Bid Express, and eBuilder, among others. To facilitate implementation of new methods, CME staff have created video tutorials for consultants to allow them to quickly and efficiently learn and implement new tools.


In providing Program Management Oversight, CME takes a leadership role in bridging the communications/expectation gap between our Public Agency Clients, the Construction Manager, the Contractor, and Stakeholders. CME staff have expertise in leading and implementing structured formal partnering programs and can guide any agency using our proven methods. In 2017, CME was part of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority team that was awarded the Partnering Champion of the Year by the International Partnering Institute.

Extension of Staff

Extension of Staff

CME frequently represents its client public agencies and their projects. This includes negotiating with consultants, contractors, other agencies, and stakeholders to protect our clients’ interests. We maintain a detailed understanding of the scope of assigned projects to readily answer questions asked at meetings with stakeholders, the community, and members of the development team.

CME has been preparing staff reports for Board, Committee, and Council meetings since 2005. We understand the process and expectation for timeliness of each report and its corresponding resolution, amendment, agreement, contract, or presentation.

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